Samsung Medison UGEO H60 uh készülék

Samsung Medison UGEO H60 unit with high image quality, accurate diagnosis, a user-friendly design and an exceptional combination of speed. The H60 device is a 18.5 “LCD monitor.A control panel is a 10″ capacitive touch screen for fast and accurate work as uniquely customizable menu system. Gélmelegítő serve the convenience of the patients.

Samsung Medison type H60 2D, 3D, 4D ultrasound machine performed very well in radiology, general internal medicine, endocrinology, obstetrics, gynecology, etc.. testing.

Hibrid képalkotás a még mélyebb és még részletgazdagabb képek érdekében

Beamforming Hybrid (Hybrid Imaging)
The Hybrid képelkotása továbbfejlesztetthardvere and new software adds depth and részlethazdagabb imaging. This results in much better Doppler performance. The HybridBeamforming, also known as spatial filtering, offers greater flexibility than the traditional omnidirectional transmission and reception. The main advantage is the ability to adapt to different situations, responses received, amioptimális processing. The data is much faster and more accurately analyzed and processed, resulting in a faster and more confident diagnosis results.

SDMR™ szemcsézettségszűrő és élkiemelő technika

The doctors UGEO H60 offers cutting-edge technology for quick and accurate diagnostic procedures by which significantly improved patients’ opinions. The Samsung providing innovative SDMR ™ technology improves the high-resolution 2Dképminőséget azélkiemelés repair and reduction of the grain. The DMR ™ 2.2 Plus combines aSpeckle et Reduction Imaging (szemcsézetség reduce imaging) and right lateral resolution in the bodies of accuracy by increasing the diagnostic confidence results.

S-Flow™ - kíváló színes képalkotás

S-Flow ™
UGEO The H60 combines advanced imaging and color flow sensitivity level of sophistication of the directional information. The S-Flow ™ equips the Samsung H60 UGEO at its ability to detect low rates of blood flow in peripheral blood vessels, such as the kidney and the MCA. The life-like hemodynamic flow provides a high-sensitivity, high-performance power Doppler. The S-Flow ™ H60 UGEO aleképezést makes even the technically difficult diagnostic situations, which increases accuracy and thus provide a better service to the patients.

Beam Steering

Volume NT & IT™ - Automatikus NT/IT mérés

3D eXtended Imaging  (3D XI)

4D képalkotás

Spatial Compounding Image (SCI)

Quick Scan


Digitális TGC-állítás

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